Thursday, February 24, 2011

Settling down

Trying to settle in an unknown place, unknown country for a one whole month has its own ups and downs. The only way this journey can get on the fast track depends how soon we all get submerged locally. The Green Hills hotel, our home for next 30 days, is in prime central location only minutes away from downtown Nyeri. Civil Registrar’s Office isn’t far away either which will be one of our crucial locations for conducting interviews and collecting data for our project. Using one of the afternoons to explore Nyeri, we all sneaked for a quick tour of the city.

Here is a quick glance at the hustle n bustle of Nyeri downtown at noon:

First attempt at local cuisine :)

Team at its first lunch outing in Nyeri
In the midst of settling down, it was super-crucial for us as a team to kick-start our project with full throttle. With 2.5 months already under our belt pre-working on the project in our respective countries, it was time to hit the ground running. This indeed took place with our first brain-storming session together as a group. Using issue-based consulting as our basis, we grouped our tasks in hand and broke them down into smaller chunks. The outcome was a series of questions for our stakeholders. This was a crucial outcome as this was our back-bone for all our research. Amidst all the emails back n forth trying to arrange a schedule for meetings/interviews and gazillion word docs, excel sheets, power-point slides … we finally had our first draft of questions ready. It was time to unleash them all onto our stakeholders J

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