Saturday, February 19, 2011

Africa Calling

The dream is finally becoming a reality. Yep this is exactly when I had submitted my application to Corporate Service Corps program last year. Awed by the program in its entirety, an opportunity to be a part of it seemed a dream at that point of time. BUT this is it, its happened … with 10 months of wait time, with 3 months of pre-work and several other months of mental readiness…  Africa finally beckoned!

On-board one of Africa's finest airlines!
Nostalgic it was while boarding Kenya Airways Flight 113 from Paris to Nairobi. Wait!! thats not it completely though … let me add the anxiety, eagerness, excitement, curiosity and “you name it” feeling running through my head ahead of this journey. I guess it was the build up of months of pre-work, conference calls, online sessions, lessons etc. All set aside I sure know that this will be one hell of a unique experience :)

IBMers from across all geographies have departed from their respective countries. Its time for this juggernaut to roll … there is a lot to look forward to.

John from US and Reka from Hungary along with me had our own pre-union on board KQ 113
Stay tuned for more posts from Kenya and beyond, signing off aboard KQ113!

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