Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today we (along with the gazillion suitcases) move to a new town for one-month – Nyeri, a town located 150 kms off of Nairobi. This will be our home base where majority of our assignment will be conducted from. One of the main goals of CSC is for participants to experience the local culture more closely rather than being in an urban capital city. Since our assignment focuses on deriving legal and a regulatory framework for e-Government services in Kenya, Nyeri for our team will be a perfect working ground to conduct research, collect information and derive our findings.

On reaching Nyeri, we got an opportunity to meet Mary Muchene, District Commissioner of Nyeri. We were also fortunate to meet Mr. Rugut, Provincial Commissioner (PC) and the Head of Central Province. He graciously welcomed our visit to Nyeri. We were able to introduce our purpose of the visit, the CSC program and all the three assignments conducted by the respective sub-teams. A PC is appointed directly by the President of Kenya, so interacting with him was a pretty big deal – really an honour and a privilege.

Today we also received a very pleasant surprise, our visit into Kenya was sniffed by the local press. Here are the different media articles regarding our trip as IBM consultants:

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Magazine run by IDG, IBM Corporate Service Corps to facilitate efficient delivery of financial services:

An International team of consultants from the IBM's Corporate Service Corps program has arrived in Nairobi for a one month project:

East African Standard - IBM experts to boost IT capacity in counties.

Print version from East African Standard
We all have just concluded our first day at work here in Green Hills Hotel in Nyeri. It was a tiring day to say but looking forward to gain the momentum in the next few days before the weekend approaches. 

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