Monday, February 28, 2011

Into the wilderness

It was finally the weekend, our first weekend in Nyeri. The entire team had been longing and patiently waiting to get the weekend break. And a perfect break was in place … THE AFRICAN SAFARI! Our entire unit planned out a camping trip to Samburu National Reserve, one of Kenya’s prime reserves for Safari.

A camping trip is super fun but camping in the middle of a National reserve amidst world’s best species is super special. After yet another brain-storming session in the morning, the unit was raring to jump onto the safari buses. We had contracted our safari trip to Jocky Tours. The buses were at the door for the pick-up sharply at 1:00 PM.

I had never anticipated what was to come in the few hours and days. The ride to Samburu National Reserve, which was a 3 hours drive from Nyeri, left me speechless. Beautiful flat-lands, gorgeous fields, dead-straight roads for miles and miles plus not to forget Africa’s very own gentle giant i.e. Mount Kenya. It was picture perfect scenery to say the least.

Our safari entourage reached Samburu National Reserve just in time for a game-drive. FYI, game-drives are safari rides in 6-8 seated buses with the tops open. Our team got quickly into action and took out their respective SLR cams to enjoy the nature closely and capture each moment. Btw, my camera was the lone Nikon product amongst 10 other Canons :o

The next two days comprised of a bazillion camera clicks, here is a sneak-peek:

Fresh after the kill
Lucky yet again to see the predators with their fresh kill
On the hunt again

We also made a quick trip to a near-by Turkana-Masaai village which was located within Samburu National Reserve. The villagers welcomed the team with the traditional Turkana-Masaai dance. We were given a tour of the village where we even spent time in the "Manyattas" i.e. homes of Masaai's. At the end, the team was presented with a market where we got a chance to buy traditional Masaai art pieces.

CSC team at the Equator
On our way back home to Nyeri, we crossed the equator and without any doubts used the opportunity to pose one for the camera. After the weekend, Team CHUI was eagerly waiting for the week to commence!!

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