Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Jambo everyone,

With utmost excitement towards the upcoming Corporate Service Corps assignment to Kenya - I type here my first blog-post. I can still picture the day I received the email from Corporate Service Corps (CSC) on my acceptance into the program. It was the moment that shot me straight to cloud 9, it was the moment that had me "happy dancing" away to glory, it was the moment to cherish the opportunity of collaborating with my peers at IBM in working towards a common goal!

My CSC Kenya Team peers represent many countries - US, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea, Hungary, Denmark, Japan, China and Italy - a world team working together on socio-economic development in Kenya.
The entire team is broken down into 3 subteams where they will respectively work with Postal Corporation of Kenya, E-Government of Kenya and Information Communication & Technology Board of Kenya.

As we move along prepping up to our upcoming trip to Nyeri, Kenya, I along with my CSC Kenya Team 2 peers look forward to sharing our experiences with you all Laughing

Stay tuned, Asante!

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